Willett Updates: 5/12/23
Posted on 05/12/2023
Sycamore Park grass and play structure

Sycamore Park Is Back In Use    

Sycamore Park has always been a safe place that students and staff have used for all sorts of activities. Over the past few weeks, the school has not utilized the park for any type of activity. I am happy to report that starting on Wednesday of this week, we have reclaimed the park as a place where we can do field trips, P.E. activities, and to just run around and play. I am happy that our community can reclaim the park and hope that you will take an afternoon with your children to honor Karim and his family while enjoying what the park has to offer. It is truly wonderful that we have a community  park next to school for our enjoyment. 

It Is Springtime

With the weather warming up and school coming to a close soon, I hope that your students have enjoyed their time at Willett this year and will forever have warm memories of the time at our school. We will be moving into summer soon and I always reflect on the school year with warm feelings and a smile as I think about how much growth has been made this year. Every year has its challenges but together, we will always overcome any obstacles. We have all grown together and I hope that Willett will continue to stay strong thanks to the Willett community support. Thank you for all that you do for our school.. 

Jog-O-Thon Winners

Here are the results from the annual Willett Jog-O-Thon. Please join me in applauding the following students for their efforts in the event.


Most Laps (Boys)

Most Laps (Girls)

Highest Funds Raised


Kahn, Samuel

McLachlan, Charlotte A

Elizabeth Fogliasso

1st Grade

Leachman, Loic C

Hilscher, Anjali I

Kerstein, Laura R

Malachi Blair-Stell

2nd Grade

Bec, Anton

Larson, Elliot F

Payne, Logan S

Wan, Jake

Baccile Bisson, Isia

Connelly, Cypress W

Evans, Anasten R

Leonardo Belleci

3rd Grade

MacLeod, Kai O

Gottlieb, Margo C

Emmelynn Asbe

4th Grade

Baccile Bisson, Timo

Lingbloom, Noah R

Huang, Julie C

Joey Romo

5th Grade

Castiglioni, Achille

Carter, Kadyn C

Jack Pickles

6th Grade

Monley, Benjamin T

Wan, Jocelyne S

Charles Hahn


End Of Year Field Day

At the end of each year, 1st-6th grades hold a Field Day full of games and activities on the grass. This is a great end of year activity for students to enjoy themselves and enjoy their teachers. This year’s Field Day will be on June 5th. If you are interested in supporting the event, Please contact me for more information.

Willett Chorus Concert

Please join us to watch the Willett Chorus in our annual spring concert! This chorus is composed of 3rd-6th grade students here at Willett, and is directed by Ms. Lindsay. The songs have been selected by our 6th graders, and performed by the whole group! Our concert will be held on June 2nd, in the new MPR at 6:00pm. Super special shout out to the PTA for funding this program!

Lost And Found Wednesdays

Starting this week, all lost and found items will be displayed on the main quad throughout the school day every Wednesday. Classes will be touring the items to find what has been lost. Please swing by at the end of the day to find any missing items that your student may have lost. At the end of the school year, all unclaimed items will be donated to families in need.

Willett End of Year Celebration

The Willett PTA is welcoming Willett teachers, staff, current and incoming students and families to come together on the Willett blacktop and lawns, Friday, May 19 from 4:30-7:00 pm at the End

of Year Celebration. Bring a picnic blanket and have an easy Friday night dinner from a food truck. The kids can enjoy some simple crafts, partake in lawn games, playground adventures, and mingle with families, teachers, staff, and incoming families! We will also have a great Willett Scavenger Hunt!  Surprise fun-filled entertainment around 5:30pm.   If you would like to contribute an hour of your time on the day of the event, please visit here.  

The Who’s News 

More information about the Willett PTA is included in our weekly newsletter, The Who’s News. Read online at: https://www.willettpta.org/newsletter.

Upcoming Dates:

May 15th-19th              6th grade CAASPP Testing

May 16th                      All City Band & Orchestra Final Concert

May 17th                     Spring Band Concert, Brunel Theater 6:00 PM

May 18th                     Last Day To Check Out Books

                                    Battle Of The Books

May 19th                     Willett Community Celebration

May 22nd-26th            4th, 5th grade CAASPP Testing

May 29th                     Memorial Day (No School)

June 2nd                     Willett Chorus Concert 6:00 PM

June 5th                      Field Day

June 8th                      Last Day Of School (12:40 PM Dismissal)