Willett Updates: 1/12/2024
Posted on 01/12/2024
artist rendering of martin luther king jr in front of american flag

Martin Luther King Day (No School Monday)

A quick reminder that there will be no school on Monday, January 15th to honor Martin Luther King. School will resume on Tuesday, January 16th.


Independent Study 

Independent study work can be requested if your student will be away from school a minimum of three days with a maximum of fourteen days. This work supports keeping students up to speed with the classroom progression while also preventing short term learning loss. Completion of this work also allows the district to receive ADA funds for the student, which would normally be lost if the student was not in attendance. Please submit your request at least ten days in advance to allow teachers time to prepare the work.

Families who requested independent study going into the holiday break can turn this work into the front office as soon as you have returned and the work is completed. We are missing work that was assigned and we are asking that this work be turned in as soon as possible. 

Thank you


Safety Week Begins Next Week

Willett students and staff practice safety week twice a year by performing various drills to prepare us for many scenarios. These drills are great practice for students and staff alike and prepare us for emergencies that may arise during the school year. We hope these drills do not alarm students and we will run through the drills in a manner that allows us to be prepared if we should ever need to use them. Thank you for supporting us in keeping our students safe!


Thank You PTA

Thank you PTA for the wonderful cookie extravaganza during the week prior to break. It meant a lot and gave us something sweet to close out our week. We appreciate you!




As to not coincide with the Willett Band Concert, our General PTA meeting has been moved to Tuesday, January 23, 7pm and will be virtual. The agenda is posted HERE along with the virtual meeting link. Please join us!


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Upcoming Dates:

1/15                 Martin Luther King Day (No School)

1/16                 Willet Band Brunelle Theater