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Here you will find helpful resources from typing to programming, abc to math games and also everyday link that students uses to accomplish part of their school work like Google Drive, Google Classroom, Clever.
Summer Reading - 2024
The California Department of Education has a Recommended Reading List that includes both classic novels and some of the best new literature. It is searchable in a number of ways.

California Department of Education Recommended Literature List Search
How to access Clever
How to access Clever from Home

To access Clever and all the apps inside it, click HERE or type on your browser. If asked, select the name of your school.

There are 2 ways to login to Clever from home:

The easiest way to login is to click “Clever Badge log in(if you have the badge)
Clever login

Your browser may ask you to allow Clever to use your computer's camera. Click 'Allow'.
Clever login
Hold your Badge up to your computer camera and wait for the green checkmark to log you in to Clever!
Clever login
Another way to login to Clever is with Google
Click "Log in with Google".

Clever login
You will be redirected to sign in to the Google email linked to your Clever account (your school email).

Your school email has this format: [email protected] (initial first name+initial last name+ID number)

Note that student need to type the entire email address, otherwise the login goes to gmail by default, and it doesn’t exist.

Password: unique for each student, your teacher can provide it unless it was changed it at home.
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