Levi & RosieRosie in the Office is our full-time service dog. She is sweet and for many Staff and Students having a hard time she is the difference between a smile and tears.  

In the past we've had Levi. Here is his story.

Levi the Willett Therapy Dog

“Levi” is a therapy dog that works full time at Robert E. Willett Elementary School. He is unique in the therapy dog world, because he is trained to work with ALL people, not just one person. He helps students in academics by lowering Cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the brain and raising Oxytocin and Dopamine (‘feel good’ hormones) levels. He also works with students in crisis. He aids students who struggle with social-emotional interactions. His expressive body language has been used to teach autistic students to recognize body language in their peers. Levi’s engaging interactions create a loving and safe climate for students. For more information about Levi’s work, here are the YouTube video from Good Day Sacramento “Levi the Therapy Dog”.

Levi the Willett Therapy Dog pt. 1
Levi the Willett Therapy Dog pt. 2