Willett Updates: 3/3/23
Posted on 03/03/2023
lots of legos

We Want Your Legos

Do you have Legos lying around that you no longer need? Tired of stepping on random Legos in the dead of night? Willett will take them off your hands for use on rainy days at lunch. Bring any Legos you no longer need and we will put them to good use! 

Rainy Day Drop Off

As we get back into the rainy days of winter, there will be changes to the drop off routine. Starting Monday, March 6th, if it is raining, all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students will collect in the new MPR before school rather than in the hallways outside their classes. 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students will move to the old MPR before school. Students will stay in their MPR locations until the bell rings and their teachers come to escort them back to class. 


Please remind your students that while umbrellas can be used to get to and from school, they are not to be used to play in the rain during the day or to be used as athletic equipment (jousting).

Head Topping

I wanted to alert you to a trend that has been happening at school, primarily in the upper grades. It is called “head topping”. Head topping is when a student runs up behind another student, pushes down on their shoulders, which propels them over the student to then tap/hit them on top of the head. While many students feel that it is innocent and funny, some students have been injured/hit too hard. I have been talking with many students about this behavior and have explained that it is inappropriate at school. Please talk to your child about this activity and remind them that it can cause injury. 

Toys From Home

Please remind your students that all toys, athletic equipment, or candy need to stay at home. We have had an increase of toys and candy from home which has caused some problems during class and recess. 

Biking To School

It is wonderful to see our students riding to school on their bikes. It brings a sense of community to the school and is good for our environment to boot! Biking also cuts down on the congestion in the front of the school at pick up and drop off times. With this in mind, please remind you students that once on campus, students need to dismount and walk their bikes on campus and into the bike racks. Safety first!

Students In Park After School

Please be aware that there is no school supervision after school at the park. If students have conflict or act inappropriately, we do not have staff in the area to intervene after the school day ends. Please support the school by supervising your children so that there are no conflicts at the park. We thank you for supporting us in this way. 

Lost And Found

We have an abundance of lost and found items in our old MPR. If you are missing a water bottle, a jacket, gloves, or lunch containers, please swing by the old MPR after school to retrieve your items. We will display these same items outside the week before spring break for last call pick up. Any items left will be donated to a local shelter. Please come by and take a look.

Morning Greeters

Morning greeters are off to a great start.  5th and 6th graders have volunteered to greet younger students at the curb in the front of the school at the loading and unloading zone.  These students will meet your student and walk them safely to the crosswalk or to their classroom.  Please remember that the front curb is for loading and unloading of passengers only.  If you wish to leave your vehicle, please find an alternative area to park.  If your 5th or 6th grader would like to participate in the morning greeter program, they should ask their classroom teacher for a permission slip.  

The Who’s News 

More information about the Willett PTA is included in our weekly newsletter, The Who’s News. Read online at: https://www.willettpta.org/newsletter.

Upcoming Dates:

March 6th                              Student Council Meeting

March 17th                            St. Patrick’s Day

March 20th-24th                    Parent/Teacher Conference Week (Early Release)

                                              Spring Book Fair

March 27th-31st                    Spring Break