Willett Updates: 1/19/2024
Posted on 01/19/2024
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Attendance (Did You Know?)

Students are less likely to drop out of school in the future or struggle with academics when they miss fewer than 10 days per school year.

Independent Study 

Independent study work can be requested if your student will be away from school a minimum of three days with a maximum of fourteen days. This work supports keeping students up to speed with the classroom progression while also preventing short term learning loss. Completion of this work also allows the district to receive ADA funds for the student, which would normally be lost if the student was not in attendance. Please submit your request at least ten days in advance to allow teachers time to prepare the work.

Families who requested independent study going into the holiday break can turn this work into the front office as soon as you have returned and the work is completed. We are missing work that was assigned and we are asking that this work be turned in as soon as possible. The deadline to turn in work is Monday, January 22nd.

Girls On The Run

We are looking for some parents to coach Girls on the Run this year.  This is a program for 3rd to 5th girls.  If we have enough coaches, we can also have a 6th girls team.  The program is designed to inspire girl empowerment by building confidence, kindness and decision-making skills while also working to be able to run a 5k. The team would meet 2 days per week and practice for 1.5 hours (3:15- 4:45) from early March to mid May.  The season ends with a 5K run in Sacramento.   If interested, please contact Catherine Harrington at [email protected].  Also, please go to this link and register to be a new coach.  

The deadline to register is today!

Safety Week 

Students did a wonderful job practicing safety drills this week. Students practiced skills for shelter in place, an earthquake, and teacher down with a focus on keeping everyone safe during emergencies. We will finish our drills on Monday with an evacuation drill. Now is a great time to talk about your plans for home safety and what you would do in an emergency. Thank you for your hard work this week students and staff!

Music And Art Are Full Speed Ahead

Thanks to Proposition 28 and support from the Willett PTA, our Arts and Music programs are full steam ahead. 

Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Cooley, and Mr. Tan have been offering Orchestra/Band/Strings to 4th, 5th, and 6th grades throughout this year while Mr. Engle has started General Music for 2nd and 3rd grades in the weeks leading up to break. Ms. Lindsay also offers Chorus before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to a large group of 3rd through 6th graders. 

 Ms. Catambay and Mr. Nagel have been leading our Art program which serves students in Kindergarten through 6th grade.

These two programs are offering our students the opportunity to spread their music/art wings which enriches their experience here at Willett. We can not thank the Willett PTA and Proposition 28 enough for these great programs. If you happen to see any of these teachers while at Willett, please give them a “thank you” for all that they do.

Willett Band Performance

Congratulations to our own Willett band students and their teacher on their performance this week. You all did a wonderful job and made your school proud!

If you are looking for our next performance, come watch the Willett Strings concert on January 24th at 6:30 p.m. at Brunelle Theater.


Our General PTA meeting is next week Tuesday, January 23, 7pm and will be virtual. The agenda is posted HERE along with the virtual meeting link. Please join us as we plan for the remainder of the school year. We need your input and support!

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Upcoming Dates:

1/24                 Willett Strings Concert            6:30 p.m.         Brunelle Theater

1/29-2/2           6th Grade Science Camp                               Sly Park

2/12                 Local Holiday                          No School

2/19                 Presidents Day                       No School

2/28                 Willett Book Club                    6:45-7:45