Reading at Willett


At Willett Elementary School, we know that in order to prepare our students for the 21st century, we must give them the foundational skills and tools to comprehend and communicate in a demanding and changing future.  Willett’s literacy program strives to help all students reach their fullest academic potential in reading, writing, listening, and speaking within English Language Arts and across other disciplines. Classroom teachers use Benchmark Advance, the district's English Language Arts curriculum, and best practices in instruction, to drive student development and growth in the framework of the California state guidelines for the Common Core State Standards. Our rigorous approach is integrated, comprehensive, and balanced. Our students access rich, complex texts and concepts through project-based learning, whole classroom instruction, small group workshop models, differentiated instruction, and targeted interventions. Willett students learn to read, write, and communicate so they can be responsible citizens, engaged with others here and around the globe, and achieve their goals in the classroom and beyond. Our Reading Specialist, Mrs. Garrity, can be reached at [email protected].  The reading room is located in B-12.

Below are some helpful resources to support your child with English/Language Arts:

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