Battle of the Books 2023
Posted on 05/19/2023
Students sitting in MPR for Battle of the BooksOn Thursday, May 18th, Willett hosted the 2023 Battle of the Books. Thirty-six teams competed for the title of Battle of Books champions after reading 9 books and answering questions about what they read. 

Congratulations to “Girls Rule”, the winners of Battle of the Books. “Girls Rule” scored 25 out of a possible 27 points! Great work!

Let's celebrate our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.

First place - 25 points:

Team 23 - Girls Rule

Carina L.
Kadyn C. 
Fizza S.
Lori D.      

Second place Tie) - 23 points:

Team 13 - Moon Cats

Elena S. 
Margaret S.
Elise G-M
Davin M.                   

Team 27 - BBJJ

Ben V.Z.
Bennett R.
Jeremy Y.
Johann S.                    

Third place (Tie) - 21 points:

Team 12 - Unnamed

Priscilla B. 
Crystal J.
Hannah H.
Victoria S.

Team 22 - Unbookable

Auggie Y. 
Fisher R-W
Achille C.                      
Yoav S.                        

Team 24 - Legit Cat Readers

Catherine P. 
Natalia M.
Hannah D.
Deniz S.