Outdoor Education


August 2019

Dear Sixth Grade Parents:

Each year, our sixth grade students (and their teachers) go to Sly Park Outdoor Education Camp for a school week. Following is the information thus far: Our dates for Sly Park Outdoor Education Camp are January 27 – 31, 2020. Please put this on your calendar now.  If you are able, the donation for the week at camp is $300.00 per childChecks can be made to Willett Elementary School.  If you would like to begin payments now, please bring your check to the Willett office with ‘Sly Park tuition’ in the memo section. Or, you can donate through the Willett Webstore on our website.  Thank you to the families who have already donated to this fantastic trip!  You can visit the Sly Park website at http://www.scoe.net/slypark/ You may contact them by calling (916) 228-2485 Permission slips and Sly Park forms are due to your child’s teacher by October 18, 2019. Register online at: http://slyparkcenter.org/Sly_Park_Parents_and_Students.htm DJUSD permission slips  (handed out during Back to School Night), and two medical forms also need to be completed and returned. These forms are being approved at the district level - the Sly Park version is available on their website.

  • Our school nurse will go over medications, and collect paperwork with families prior to the trip.  Natalie Johnson, our school nurse’s email is njohnson@djusd.net   

We will need parent volunteers to attend the camp for the week.  Information about this comes from the classroom teacher at Back to School Night, along with more information about the trip.  All chaperones MUST be fingerprinted through DJUSD. Chaperone decisions will be made, pending the amount of volunteers we have. 

We hope this helps you in your planning for this year!  

Marla Cook Anahita Enzerink Kelly Brooks         Melissa Elliott